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Hewlett Lawrence Soccer Club

Serving The Five Towns Since 1970


It would seem an easy task to write the history of a club such as the Hewlett-Lawrence Soccer Club, which was founded in the 1980s, however, the roots of HLSC go much deeper into the past. They can be traced all the way back to the late 1930s. It was then, during a wave of European immigration, that newcomers formed two sports and social clubs called the New World Club and the Prospect Unity Club. These clubs provided their members with a place for their social gatherings as well as their sporting activities. Soccer was their major sport and both clubs fielded exceptional teams. Membership reached its peak during the early post World War II years with the influx of many more immigrants (Henry Kissinger's parents were members). The highlight of each week was the Sunday soccer game at Sterling Oval or at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. At that time, soccer was strictly an ethnic sport, but some games attracted as many as five or six thousand fans. With time, as these newcomers became established, they started to move away from the Bronx and Washington Heights to the more affluent suburbs. In 1953, with membership declining in both clubs, the remaining members joined together to form a single club called Blue Star Soccer Club. Its main activity was to field several adult teams as well as Junior teams (at that time youth soccer consisted of only under 19s and a few under 16s). The teams played in the strong semi-pro German-American Soccer League, now known as the Cosmopolitan League. In the late fifties. Blue Star started organizing youth teams in the German-American Junior Soccer League. This was the beginning of the great youth soccer boom, which would come in the 70s. Blue Star was thus a pioneer in the youth soccer movement. Two of its presidents, Walter Marburg and Herbert Heilpern, were also presidents of the Cosmopolitan Junior League.


In 1970, Fred Schoenfeld, who had played for Blue Star for more than ten years, decided that it was time for his son to play soccer. Along with John Nadasi, another former Blue Star player, he decided to field a youth team in the Five Towns. As a new resident in the area, Fred was unable to obtain a soccer field. After "recruiting" 14 lads who lived in Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and the Five Towns, he finally secured a field in Flushing. It was very tough picking up players all around the metropolitan area each week, transporting them to Flushing for their game, and then taking them home. Soccer was not "in" in those days.

THE EARLY YEARS: 1970-1978

The Club got its first "break" the following year. While Fred was running a clinic, he met Cy Gruber. Cy's son wanted to play soccer and Cy also had a much-needed large station wagon. Joining forces with Fred and John, Cy used his "connections" to obtain the Lawrence Junior High School soccer field for two hours every other week. The Blue Star Soccer Club had finally "arrived" in the Five Towns! But soccer was still not "in". Because the fledgling Long Island Junior Soccer League offered competition only for high school players, we were faced with long trips to New York City, New Jersey, and Westchester. There was very little parental help and transportation was a big problem. Nevertheless the Club continued to grow from year to year. By 1974 there were five teams in three age groups. The major problems were the lack of coaches and playing fields. Each September the facilities were inadequate for all the youngsters that wanted to play. Tryouts had to be held and some children had to be sent home. With pressure building up in the area, the schools started to cooperate by making more fields available. Fred recruited new coaches and established an Intramural program for children who wanted to participate on a less competitive level. Something was being done to accommodate the surge of new players. The first group of intramural coaches included Bob Ertcl (a former goalie or Brooklyn College), Nat Flaks (a former player), Robbie Hess (the first-ever woman coach), and Steve Kreiss. In 1975 Pele came to the United States and with him came the soccer explosion. In the fall of 1978, we fielded 16 teams with 270 players. This included a separate Intramural Division headed by Bob Ertel, the first Intramural Commissioner. At the end of the 1978 season, Fred felt that the Club was firmly established. His missionary work complete, Fred turned the Presidency over to Robbie Hess.


The new President soon made her presence felt. She recruited many new coaches and obtained additional playing fields. She secured gyms for indoor practice during the winter months. Under her capable and enthusiastic leadership, the Club more than doubled in size. When Robbie relinquished her post to Buzz Margolis in the spring of 1981, the Blue Star Soccer Club had over 750 youth players (boys and girls) between the ages of 6 and 19. By this time, some of our youngsters started to get recognition in local and national soccer circles. Many were chosen for Select and All-Star teams. Scott Ufschultz and Robbie Stone went to Sweden and Finland with the Cosmopolitan Junior League All Stars. Seth Chasin and Lenn Margolis represented the USA at the 1979 Pan American Maccabiah Games in Mexico and also went to Venezuela in 1980. Lenn Margolis was selected for the United States team that won the silver medal in the 1981 Maccabiah Games in Israel along with Senior Blue Star players Ronnie Schneider and Seth Roland.


In 1981 we left the New York-based Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League to join the Long Island Junior Soccer League and adopted our present name - Hewlett-Lawrence Soccer Club. In that same year, Club founder and first president Fred Schoenfeld was named chairman of the United States National Maccabi Soccer Team program. Our tenure in the LIJSL has been very successful. Many of our teams have won laurels. During the 1981 -82 season, our first in the Long Island League, the 1966 Tornado won the Fall and Spring championships; the 1970 Blue Buzzards reached the LI Chase Cup semi-finals; and the 1972 Big Blue reached the State Cup semi-finals, and won several indoor titles. Coaching courses were initiated to elevate coaching standards and clinics run by professionals were provided for our intramural and travel players. The South Shore Record provided a regular weekly column on our Club. Our very successful Intramural program run by Directors Mike Groothuis and Bruce Kolbrenner continued to expand by adding a Girl's Division headed by Kate Kreiss. During the 1982-1983 season, the 1969 Blue Celtics won the Fall championship; the 1971 Blue Bullets won the Spring Championship; and the 1974 Rams won the Spring Championship and reached the semi-finals of the LI Chase Cup. With sponsorship from the Cosmos, our Club ran its first indoor Tournament with Mark Berson as Tournament Chairman. Under the leadership of Richard Abramson, Mark Berson and Bernard Kaplan, a beautiful and highly successful yearbook was published and distributed to all players and coaches. Multiple traveling teams were introduced for the younger age groups to offer travel soccer to more children. Enrico Varani organized and ran a pre-season training camp for travel players. During the 1983-1984 season, the Blue Bullets and the 1975 Blue Thunder won Fall Championships. The Blue Blast and 1965 Blue Stars won Spring Championships, the Big Blue reached the U Chase Cup semi-finals and the Blue Rams reached the State Cup finals. Lenn Margolis, Michael Malkin and Todd Kugler were selected to represent the USA at the 1983 Pan American Maccabiah Games in Brazil. The 1984-1985 season began with an expanded pre-season training camp that included intramural players for the first time. The Club introduced a successful Opening Day parade. The Blue Strikers won the Fall Championships and were finalists in the Chase Cup and the State Cup. The Blue Thunder and Blue Bullets each reached the Chase Cup finals and the State Cup semi-finals. Our Club's run of tournament successes continued with more than 20 tournament titles during the winter indoor season and six outdoors during Columbus and Memorial weekends. Coaching Director Enrico Varani established a training program for both coaches and players. To further benefit the youngsters, new Intramural Directors Peter Banfeld and Jack Horn reconstructed the Intramural program. The Girls Division prospered under the leadership of Gary Schwartzman. Lenn Margolis and Seth Roland were once again selected to represent our country at the 1985 Maccabiah Games in Israel. During the 1985-1986 season, the 1976 Blue Kickers and the 1977 Blue Knights won Fall championships. The 1977 Blue Knights were Chase Cup finalists. Our remarkable indoor record continued with seven teams winning 17 titles. Fred Schoenfeld again headed up the United States National Maccabi Men's Soccer Team program at the 1985 World Maccabiah Games in Israel. During the 1986-1987 season, Enrico Varani took over the Club presidency from Buzz Margolis. The Blue Kickers won the Fall Championship. The Big Blue and Blue Bullets won Spring Championships. Six teams won 15 indoor tournaments, led by The Blue Thunder with four titles in five attempts. Five teams won a total of eight outdoor tournaments. The Girls Division continued to grow in both numbers and enthusiasm and a "tournament" team, led by Peter Lederman, became the forerunner of our first girls travel team. Lenn Margolis, Seth Roland and Blair Lachman were chosen to represent our country at the 1987 Pan American Maccabiah Games in Caracas. The 1987-1988 season began with Mark Berson assuming the Club presidency. Enrollment in the Club stood at 1,200 players. At the Opening Day parade, Gilbert Karol won the first Michael Fenner Award for Intramural players. The Big Blue and the Blue Bullets won Fall Championships and continued their domination in outdoor tournaments. Eight teams won seventeen indoor tournaments. Jack Gaeta, Rusty McGowan, Brandon Schrager, Robert Varani, Terry Zias, and Joey Zydor were selected to represent Long Island at the prestigious Dallas Cup and were later chosen for the State Select team.


During the 1988-1989 season, a combined team of Blue Bullets and The Big Blue won the Fall Under-19 Division One Championship. Hewlett High School gave our entire community an unforgettable thrill by winning the New York State Soccer Championship with a team in which every starter, and 23 of the 24 players, grew up and learned to play soccer in our Club. During the winter, 11 teams won a total of 21 tournaments, led by The Blue Thunder and The Big Blue. The Blue Bullets accomplished a rare feat in the spring by winning the Division One Championship and the Sportsmanship Award. Darius Burton led the LIJSL Under-14 Select Team to the prestigious Dallas Cup Championship, a first for any Long Island team, and Derek Lachman and John Urbom competed in Dallas with the New York State Team. Former Club President, Buzz Margolis was named to succeed Fred Schoenfeld as the Chairman of the United States Maccabi Men's Soccer Team program. The 1989-1990 season started off with the Blue Thunder and Blue Star winning Fall championships. The Hewlett High School varsity once again reached the County semi-finals at Hofstra and the Lawrence High School varsity won a division championship with its first ever-undefeated regular season. During the winter, 13 teams won a total of 25 indoor tournaments, led by the Blue Flame with three first place finishes. The Blue Bullets participated in the Spring Super League and in the premier division of the Dallas Cup, where they were featured in an evening match versus Paris St. Germaine of France at Lake Highlands Stadium. They also won the Spring Championship. The Big Blue went to the State finals and represented the State Association at the Regionals. The Blue Thunder won a silver medal in the premier division of the prestigious Potomac Memorial Tournament and won our Club's first U Chase Cup championship. Darius Burton, Joey Zydor, Brian Anselmo, Randy Fitzgibbons, Derek Lachman, Rusty McGowan, David Schneider, Jon Urbom, Robert Varani and Terry Zias were chosen for the New York Select Teams of their respective ages. The Club made soccer available to younger players by inviting '84's into the '83 Division and by beginning our first-ever four-year-old "soccer play group" Squirt Division.

THE 1990s

During the 1990 Fall season, the Club moved to new offices in the Woodmere Educational Center and planned many new programs utilizing the space. The Blue Storm won a Fall championship. The Blue Thunder won a Fall Sportsmanship Award, extending their UJSL record to eight such awards in 15 seasons. To accommodate the Orthodox Jewish youngsters in the community, the Club organized and ran its first Sunday intramural program which grew much larger than anyone thought possible. The Club hired the Long Island Soccer Camp staff on a retainer basis to run an extensive skills program for our intramural and travel players and to plan, organize and staff the summer camp. Fourteen teams won a total of 26 indoor tournaments, led by The Blue Thunder and The Big Blue with undefeated winter seasons. We fielded our first Senior Team since the Blue Star days by merging the Long Island Senior League's West Babylon team into our Club. This team then won First Division in the Senior Indoor Tournament utilizing mostly our junior players. The Club began a "Just Say No" Anti-Drug Program and planned a series of "Monday Night at the Movies" to show soccer-based full-length films to interested players and coaches. The entire Intramural Division competed in a Friendship Festival with the Plainview/Old Bethpage Soccer Club and a tournament-record ten teams competed in the prestigious Potomac Memorial Tournament. Enrico Varani was elected to the L.I. Junior Soccer League Hall of Fame. The Blue Flame won the U Chase Cup. The Blue Thunder's Darius Burton was invited to join the national team in training camp. During the Fall 1991 season, the Blue Streak and the Blue Bombers won their division championships, and Blue Star and the Blue Storm won Sportsmanship Awards. Darius Burton won the Steen Award as the outstanding high school soccer player in Nassau County and was selected as a first team Parade All-American. During the winter season, 12 teams won a total of 23 indoor tournaments, led by Blue Streak, Blue Flame, and Blue Knights. In the spring, the Blue Streak and Blue Knights won their division championships, Blue Star won the Sportsmanship Award, the Blue Falcons won the Chase Cup Championship and The Big Blue won the New York State Championship. During the Fall 1992 season, Blue Streak and Blue Knights won division championships. The Sunday program for Orthodox youngsters had its third successful season with increasing participation. Darius Burton won the Steen Award for an unprecedented second time and was selected as a first team Parade All American for the second consecutive year. David Schneider (Blue Bullets, The Big Blue, SUNY Binghamton) and Huey Ferguson (The Big Blue, St. Johns University) were selected as college All Americans.


Mark Berson was elected and inducted into the U Junior Soccer League Hall of Fame, joining Enrico Varani to give our Club two out of the 24 honorees over the 17 year existence of the Hall of Fame. In addition to his soccer prowess, Darius Burton was selected as the outstanding High School basketball player in Nassau County, giving him an unprecedented sweep of fall (soccer) and winter (basketball) honors. During the spring 1993 season. Coach Enrico Varani was again selected to lead the New York State Under-23 Boys Select team, which won the Region I championship and qualified for the national tournament. The Blue Streak won its second consecutive Division One Championship in the spring of 1993, establishing the Streak as the best travel team (out of over 80 teams) in its age group. The Streak added to its laurels by winning the Long Island Chase Cup Championship. The Blue Falcons won their division as well. Buzz Margolis again led the United States Maccabi Men's Soccer Team at the international Maccabiah games in Israel in July 1993.

The 1993 - 1994 season began with Peter Bartfeld taking over as Club president. In the Fall of 1993, Blue Streak, led by coach Dr. Jamie Bodner, won a third Division One title. Blue Blast and Blue Force were also division winners. Samantha Abelson of the Blue Falcons, Brian Wood of the Blue Flame, Brian Quiorz, Peter Kaufman, Kenny Aragon, Michael Taylor and Brandon Gass of the Blue Blast, and Leo Gomez, Marcelo Piana, Chris Trani, Hipolito Dominguez and Jose Rada from the Blue Knights qualified for Long Island and New York State Select Teams. During the spring 1994 season, HLSC Head Coach Enrico Varani was once again selected to coach the Eastern New York Under-23 men's team. Coach Varani led die New York team to the Eastern Regional Championship over the Memorial Day weekend by defeating teams from Western New York, Virginia, New Hampshire and others along the way. The team consisted of nine former HLSC players. Blue Streak, under Coach Dr. Jamie Bodner, continued its winning ways by capturing its first New York State championship in a thrilling final against West Babylon. Streak also won fall and spring Division One championships and Streak captured its first international tournament by taking first place at Florida's Cocoa Expo Tournament. Streak defeated the Montreal, Canada provincial team to win the finals in its age group. Blue Streak joined other age group winners such as the Newell Boys Club of Argentina, and the Moscow Dynamos Soccer Club of the Russian Federation.


During the fall of 1995, HLSC Head Coach Enrico Varani achieved the highest honor possible in youth soccer, in leading the Eastern New York U-23 Men's Team to a national championship. Coach Varani's team won the United States Men's Open trophy in a thrilling tournament, by defeating the winners of the three other United States Youth Soccer Regions, Indiana from the Midwest, Tennessee from the South and Washington from the West Region. Former HLSC player Chris Armas was named the Most Valuable Player of the national tournament. (Mr. Armas was later named a starter on the United States national team in 1999.) Coach Varani then came back in the spring of 1995 season, to coach the HLSC U-19 boys team to a State Championship. The U-11 Baby Blues, led by Coach Peter Lederman, won a minor division State championship. Baby Blues were also division winners. Blue Streak lose a disappointing but thrilling State Cup final to their old nemesis, West Babylon, by 1-0. The U-17 Blue Falcons girls team, led by David Abelson were State and Long Island Cup semi-finalists. The Falcons capped off their season by winning tournaments in Holland and Hungry, and playing an exhibition match against the Hungarian Women's National Team. For the first time, the United States was invited to participate in the European Maccabi Games held in Amsterdam July 9-14. Lee Cohen was selected to join 17 other American boys as a member of the US Under 16 junior soccer team. The team was the surprise of the games, defeating Israel 4-0, for the bronze medal. During the 1995-1996 season, the Club's teams continued their winning ways. The U-l 6 Boys Blue Blast won the New York State Championship and made it to the Eastern Regional semi-finals. The Blast was coached by St. John's University men's soccer coach David Masur, who also won a national collegiate championship for St. John's. Mr. Masur was named the 1996 NCAA Coach of the Year. Former Club President Mark Berson worked with Coach Masur in guiding the Blast to the State championship and the Regional tournament. The Blast also won a Division One Championship in the spring, and was ranked as one of the top five Club teams in the nation in its age group, after placing second in the international youth soccer Tampa Bowl. Blue Streak reached the State finals for the third year in a row. The Baby Blues also added a Division Two and then a Division One Championship, in successive seasons. The 1996-1997 season saw Coach Jamie Bodner and his Blue Streak team (Boys U-14) back in the State Cup winners circle. Streak won the State championship and went on to compete in the Eastern Regional Tournament. The Streak was also invited to play in the Long Island League's first Premier Division. The Baby Blues (U-12 girls) continued their mastery of girls soccer by winning the Cocoa Cup in Florida during the winter, and then going on to win the Long Island Championship in the spring. The Baby Blues defeated a national Canadian all-star team to win the finals of the Cocoa Cup. Baby Blues added a Division One championship and a State Cup semi-final berth to its achievements. The U-12 Big Blue, coached by Enrico Varani, were State Cup finalists, and the U-19 Blue Blast were Division One winners, playing up two years. Michael Taylor and Lee Cohen were chosen for the OOP U-17 program. HLSC coach, and former United States men's national team assistant coach Len Roitman, was appointed Chairman of the United States Men's Soccer Team program, replacing Buzz Margolis. The 1997-1998 season brought Hewlett-Lawrence its first "triple crown" winner. Peter Lederman and the Baby Blues continued their amazing winning ways, by capturing a Division championship (playing up a year) and by winning both the Long Island (Waldbaum's) Cup and the New York State Cup tournaments. Baby Blues went on to compete successfully in the Eastern Regional tournament. The U-10 Boys Blue Breakers, led by Coach Mike Saperstein, won the Waldbaum's Cup, the Blue Thunder won a Division Two Championship and the Blue Blaze were Long Island Cup finalists.

The Club also had a State Cup finalist in the first year (U-10) girls Blue Burst, led by coach Mark Fragner. The Burst lost 4-3 in a thrilling final just before a torrential downpour at SUNY Purchase. Burst added a Nassau County Division One championship to its accomplishments. During the Fall, 1998 season, the U-14 Baby Blues won a Division 2 championship, playing up a year, and the Blue Burst repeated as Division 1 Nassau County champions. In the Spring of 1999, The Baby Blues added a Waldbaum's (Long Island Cup) championship playing up one year, and lost in a close and thrilling final for the New York State championship. The U-19 Girls Blue Hurricanes also captured the Long Island Cup championship in its age group. The U-16 Blue Streak, coached by Gary Book (St. John's University Ass't. Men's team coach) and Jamie Bodner, made its fifth appearance at the New York State Cup final. Blue Streak went on to win its third New York State championship, and advanced to the Eastern Regionals, playing in Kingston, Rhode Island. Blue Streak missed advancing to the Regional semi-finals by a one goal tie-breaker differential. Four Streak players have won all three Cups: David Bodner, Jason Calderon, Ben Lahey and Elliot Leonard. During the 1999-2000 playing year, the U-15 Baby Blues, the U-15 Big Blue and the U-19 Blue Hurricanes were invited to play in the New York State Premier League. The U-17 boys Blue Streak was invited to play in the newly inaugurated Eastern Regional Premier League. The Regional Premier League consists of the top ten U-17 boys teams in the East.

Blue Streak also advanced to the June, 2000 State finals, playing arch-rival West Babylon Panthers for a record sixth time for the State Championship. The Streak lost in a thrilling, but heartbreaking, 2-1 game. West Babylon then went on to the East Regional Championship and, later, the U-17 boys National Championship. The Big Blue won the Waldbaum's major division championship for U-15 boys, and the U-14 girls Blue Magic won a minor division Waldbaum's Cup. The Baby Blues reached the State Cup semi-finals, narrowly missing advancing to the State championship game for the third year in a row. Also, the U-10 boys Blue Marksmen reached the State Cup finals, and just missed winning the State championship in an exciting game at the Metropolitan Oval. Also, the U-l 3 boys Blue Thunder and the U-12 girls Blue Burst qualified to play in Division I of the Long Island League.


During the the 2000-2001 playing year, Hewlett-Lawrence continued to compete at the highest levels. During the fall of 2000, HLSC Head Coach Enrico Varani led the Eastern New York State Boys U-19 team to the national championship. This was the second national championship for Coach Varani. After winning the Eastern Regional Championship in the early fall, Coach Varani's team attended the national championship tournament in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida over the Thanksgiving Weekend. New York beat Minnesota (the Central Region champion) and Northern California (the West Region champion) to reach the national championship game against Florida (the South Region champion). Coach Varani then led the New York team to a 2-1 victory over Florida in a thrilling final to win the national championship, represented by the Donnelley Cup. 54 state associations compete in the Donnelley Tournament each year for the honor of becoming the national champions. In addition to Coach Varani's accomplishments, Len Roitman was again named to lead the United States Maccabi Men's Soccer Team program. Also, Club President Peter Bartfeld was named the National Chairman for the United States Maccabi Junior Women's Soccer Team program. The appointments of Roitman and Bartfeld confirmed the more than twenty year leadership of the HLSC Blue Star Soccer Club in the national Maccabi soccer program. In the fall of this playing year, the Baby Blues reached the semi-finals at the Miami Orange Classic Tournament, playing against many of the top on-age girls teams in the nation. Going into the spring of this year, the Baby Blues were doing a "Premier double", playing in both the New York State Premier League and the Regional Premier League. The Blue Streak also played in the Regional Premier League, and advanced to the State Cup finals for a record seventh time. The Streak gave a fantastic performance in the regionals winning 2 games and losing just one. The U-16 Big Blue are also playing in the Regional and State Premier League. The U-14 boys Blue Thunder and the U-13 girls Blue Burst are playing in Long Island Division One. Spring 2001 saw the boys U-13 Blue Breakers and girls U-15 Blue Magic win their Waldbaums Cup race. Girls U-13 Blue Burst finished first in their Division. The Club also fielded boys U-11 Blue Marksmen, Boys U-14 Blue Thunder, girls U-14 Blue Blaze, girls U-15 Blue Magic in Division One. Over 20 travel teams have been formed for Spring 2002. The Baby Blues are once again playing State Premiere and the Big Blue is playing in State and Regional Premier. We all look forward to the reforming of the Streak and what promises to be a serious run at a national title. Spring 2002 once again saw Jaime Bodner's Blue Streak win State Cup and go to a heartbreaker at the regionals. The Streak is gone now but the Club will never forget their incredible career. Spring 2002 Blue Thunder, Blue Burst, Blue Blaze, and Blue Magic played in Division 1 with the Blue Burst winning their division. Big Blue played State and Regional Premier. The Baby Blues played Regional Premier. Fall 2002 once again saw the intramurals looking even better as it continues to grow under the energetic watch of Bonni Berman who implemented a U-9 developmental team to train and develop the future travel players of the next seasons. Spring 2003 finds the Blue Burst and Baby Blues playing State Premier and the Big Blue playing Regional Premier. Our Division 1 teams are the Blue Thunder, Blue Blaze and the Blue Cyclones. Spring 2004 saw the combination of Big Blue and Blue Thunder form into a new Big Blue which is competing in the new Northeast Regional League. Blue Thunder, in its last season of play won the Spring 2003 Waldbaums Cup. Spring 2005 is launched thanks to the help of volunteer Mike Beller. During the spring 2005 season, the Blue Bombers coached by Mike Saperstein were Waldbaums Cup Champions. 2005-2006 saw the Blue titans coached by Stu Troyetsky reach division 1 as U-11s and U-12s. The second year of the of the '3's program is more successful and continues to grow under the guidance of Bonni Berman and Rod Leonhard. Spring of 2006 saw the Blue Lightning win the Waldbaums cup and the Blue Devils reach the Waldbaums cups semi-finals For 2006-07, our travel program boasts 16 teams with Brian Metz's Blue Thunder and Kevin Freeman and Manfred Kappers Blue Blast reaching LIJS Division 1 status. Intramurals continues to grow with the strong leadership of Bonni Berman and Rod Leonhard. Spring and Fall of 2007 saw our travel teams compete at various levels of competition within the Long Island Junior Soccer League, in State and Waldbaums Cup, and in numerous indoor and outdoor tournaments throughout the year. The Girls U-14 Lightning took first place in their division in the fall of 2007. To be continued...